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Our focus

Our mission is to work together with others to create a state of better health for all Arkansans. We strategically focus our grant funding on community-based solutions in the hopes it will nurture community health leadership, foster collaboration and innovation, and leverage financial, human and community resources to produce measurable, positive impacts.

Eligible Organizations

To be eligible, applicants must be a 501(c)(3) public charity, public school, governmental agency, nonprofit hospital or church in Arkansas. Applying organization must provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Grant Restrictions

The following circumstances or proposal types may disqualify applicants from receiving a grant from the Foundation:
  • Any organization that has received Foundation “regular grant” funding for a specific program for a total of two years is not eligible to reapply for subsequent “regular grant” funding for the same program. The same rule of “no more than two years of funding for the same program” also applies to mini-grants. After two years of funding for the same program, an organization is still eligible to apply for funding of a different health program.
  • For churches, the health improvement program must reach beyond its own congregation.
  • For organizations not based in Arkansas, the project must specifically benefit residents of Arkansas.
  • Grants will not be made to: individuals; fundraising events or celebrations; political or lobbying organizations; fraternal, athletic or social organizations; organizations that do not directly serve Arkansas; religious organizations for religious purposes; capital or endowment of organizations; proposals that are principally for construction of facilities or purchase of large equipment; or for attendance at conferences.
  • Proposals that are principally tobacco-related will not be considered because of the availability of funding from the Tobacco Settlement.
  • Cannot be a private foundation under IRC § 509(a).
  • Primary grantee cannot have a contractual relationship with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, its subsidiaries or affiliates.

Evaluation Criteria

Criteria used in evaluating grant applications include:
  • Relevance to Blue & You Foundation priorities
  • Project design and feasibility
  • Documentation of need
  • Evidence of broad-based community involvement
  • Innovativeness/learning opportunity
  • Portability (usefulness in other locales)
  • Leveraging potential

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Grants Awarded

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Grants Awarded for 2021


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Funded Research

  • Arkansas Health Care Workforce: A Guide for Policy Action, was published in March 2013 on
  • Reversing Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: a Review of the Evidence, was published in June 2008 on
  • Fit, Not Fat: Helping Arkansas Children Eat Healthy and Move More, was published in August 2008 on